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How Much Does an Event Planner Cost?

Are you planning a wedding, corporate event, or big family blowout? Are you considering the advantages of hiring an event planner?

You can save yourself a great deal of time and headache by hiring a wedding or corporate event planner. These folks will take over the details and allow you to enjoy the big day without missing any moments while you’re worried about the menu.

But can you afford professional planning? How much does an event planner cost, and is it worth what you’ll end up spending?

Here’s what you need to know.

What Does an Event Planner Do?

An event planner will take on the task of bringing your vision for an event to life. They may find you the perfect location, talk to vendors, and brainstorm about decorating ideas. Your planner may be in charge of negotiating prices, creating contracts, and keeping you on budget.

Your event planner may scout out various venues and field price bids. It’s their job to find the best location for you based on your budget and other requirements.

On your big day, an event planner will handle all of the details so you don’t have to. They will make sure all vendors are present and paid. 

If you’re getting married, an event planner can make sure the ceremony runs smoothly. You won’t need to concern yourself with who is going down the aisle and when, as long as you get there on time!

If your event is a corporate one, you can concentrate on socializing with your guests and making sure everyone feels comfortable. All of the details, such as guest attendance, menu items, and entertainment, will be managed by your event planner.

How Much Does It Cost?

Many event planners will charge you based on a percentage of the total cost of an event. The percentage is usually somewhere between 15% and 20%. So, if you’re going to pay 18% of an event that costs around $30,000, you’ll end up paying your event planner $5,400.

Some event planners may also charge you an hourly rate. Planning hours are usually included in this. They may include hours spent negotiating with vendors or picking out floral arrangements.

Still, other vendors may charge you a combination of an hourly rate and a percentage of the total event cost. It’s important to talk about the details of your payment arrangement before you hire a planner, and make sure you get it in writing.

A number of different factors will impact what your event planner may charge you. Your event location, time of year, and the number of guests will of course play a role. In addition, you can expect to pay a different amount based on your food and beverage choices.

It’s important to remember that the least expensive event planner in your area isn’t necessarily the best option for you. You’ll want to hire someone with a proven track record of experience and quality delivery.

Still, you won’t want to be overpaying for the services completely. Make sure you get at least three estimates in writing before you decide upon a local event planner.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Event Planner?

Many folks cite peace of mind as their number one reason for hiring a professional event planner. They want to know that all of the details of their event are being managed carefully by someone who knows what they’re doing.

In addition, your event planner may already have strong existing relationships with bands, florists, and bakers. They will know who to reach out to and which vendors will be able to meet any special requests you might have.

If budgeting isn’t your forte, the right event planner can also help you to save some money on your big day. They will know how to negotiate with vendors for a lower price, and when it’s okay to look for a bargain. They will also know when it’s time to splurge based on your specific requirements.

If you want to focus on the joy of your big day and leave the hassles to someone else, it pays to hire a quality event planner.

How Do You Find a Good Event Planner?

If you don’t have any close friends who have hired event planners in the past, you can start your search for an event planner online. Ask for recommendations in local social media community groups, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Did the event run smoothly? Was the planner able to help with negotiations and budgeting? Were there any unexpected costs along the way?

You’ll also want to check out reviews once you’ve narrowed down your search. Be on the lookout for repeated negative comments, such as a lack of timeliness or friendliness. On the other hand, a string of positive experiences can give you the confidence that you’re making a good decision.

It’s important to hire a local planner, as these professionals will have good relationships with vendors and venue owners in your area. You may also want to ask for at least three references you can speak to directly.

Your Important Day

When it comes to prominent events, you’ll want to know that every detail is a reflection of your taste. The right event planner will make sure that everything runs smoothly so you can focus on enjoying the experience.

Don’t stop getting smart about hiring an event planner now. For excellent professionals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact us today. 

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How Much Does the Average Corporate Event Planner Cost?

Are you planning a big corporate event? Are you wondering about a corporate event planner, but you’re unsure about the cost and how it all works?

Event planning is no easy task, and corporate event planning takes months of meticulous planning to bring everything to perfection.

The right corporate event planner understands what’s at stake and will guide you through the entire process, from budgeting down to logistics.

So if you’re looking to ditch the stress and hire an event planner in Dallas, then keep reading this guide. You’ll find out everything you need to know about corporate event planning, from the cost to the big event.

What Does a Corporate Event Planner Do?

A corporate event planner has one important role. That role is to make your event a success. Corporate event planning is a long process, and it needs constant attention to detail to make sure things stay on track.

Corporate event planners can work with public relations or marketing companies to organize events for their clients. They plan and manage conferences, press conferences, product launches, annual meetings, and more.

But before you go scampering off to hire a corporate event planner, you need to be clear on what you want to accomplish at your event.

Know What You Want

The best avenue to finding the perfect event planner is defining what you want to accomplish. Whether your event is to launch a new product or celebrate a huge company milestone, you need to determine the tasks you expect your event planner to do

Not all event planners are made the same, and all of them offer different pricing based on the services you need. But they will typically choose the venue, entertainment and give you food and drink options.

What to Look for First

Recommendations on Google are helpful when searching for the perfect event planner, but you want to take it a step further and find solid recommendations from peers in your field. 

Ask about their work for other companies, how well the event was planned, and how friendly the event planning company was to work with.

When you’re organizing a corporate event, more is at stake, so you need to know what to pay attention to when meeting with prospective event planners. It’s a good idea to meet with at least three professional event planners so you can sit down and compare the pros and cons. 

The first thing you want to look at is the event planner’s actual planning process. You need to understand how their process works, how your input fits in, and a clear picture of the preparation schedule.

You also need to know they will communicate with you. Whether you will have in-person meetings, get email updates, or phone calls. You want an event planner that understands you have a business to run and won’t allow planning an event to disrupt your flow.

Other qualities that make an event planning company stand out are creativity, resourcefulness, and kindness under pressure. So carefully evaluate how an event planning company makes you feel from the moment you meet them.

Get the Specifics

Now you want to get down to the nitty-gritty. Find out what types of events they specialize in. Some event planning companies handle mainly product launches, while others focus on corporate events or conferences.

Next, find out what vendors they partner with or prefer to work with, as typically this gives an event planning company access to discounts for high-quality services.

And don’t forget some event planning companies won’t work with vendors who aren’t on their list, so be sure to ask this question from the get-go. You need to know what your choices are limited to.

Planning your budget is vital, so you’ll want an event planner that’s transparent with their budget plan. And one that stays within your budget as well. Some event planners have a required minimum budget, so be sure to take this into account. 

Event Planner Cost

When it comes to event planner costs, it’s essential to define your budget first. Depending on the type of event, your costs can vary.

Typically event planners can structure their fees in a few ways, such as:

  • A flat fee
  • A percentage of the expenses
  • An hourly rate
  • Commission

On average, an event planner will cost you from $500 to $900 an hour, but don’t forget the average cost varies depending on where you live. Keep in mind that most event planners charge a base fee, in addition to a percentage of the price of an event.

The type of location you need can drive up your overall costs, so make sure you include any additional venue fees. Also, the structure of your event overall can drive up the price. For example, if you have a specialized corporate event with many components, you’ll pay more.

Cutting Costs

When you’re event planning, costs add up quickly. So you need a strategy. To keep more money in your pocket, try things like:

  • Shorten your guest list if you can
  • Create a strict budget and stick to it
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate on the price
  • Think about event planning for only a portion of your event

You can also consider having brunch instead of dinner and drinks to reduce your food and catering costs.

Corporate Event Planner

Now you know all about hiring a corporate event planner, it’s time to talk to the professionals at Total Events DFW.

Total Events DFW is a top event planner in Texas, with over 500 five-star reviews and 15 industry awards. We can get your corporate event where it needs to be.

So make sure you contact us today to start planning your corporate event tomorrow.

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The Bride’s Guide to Wedding Planning in Dallas, TX

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and planning it can be an overwhelming process. Luckily for you, we’ve got your back with this guide to wedding planning in Dallas, TX! 

We’ll walk you through preparations you should make well before your wedding date so you can spend less time stressing and more time celebrating! Keep reading to learn more.

Finding a Wedding Planner in Dallas

No wedding is the same, and you should be sure to find a wedding planner that matches your style. Hiring a wedding planner in Dallas for your big day takes a lot of the wedding planning stress of your hands. Before meeting any potential wedding planners, be sure to have an ideal wedding date range in mind.

A wedding planner will be able to help you create a wedding budget and timeline. Wedding planners can also assist with finding the perfect location, catering, wedding attire, flowers, entertainment options (DJs or live music), photography packages, and more!

Decide on a Wedding Budget

The wedding budget is one of the most important decisions you will make, so it’s a must to figure out what your wedding can realistically afford. If you’re having trouble coming up with an amount, here are some common ranges:

– $15k-$20k for a smaller wedding and reception at someone’s home or venue

– $25k-$35k on average for 200 guests attending in Dallas TX; more if there are other event elements like outside catering or live performances

– $50K+ when considering all of the above plus travel costs and lodging accommodations for out of town guests (most typical)

While these may seem high amounts, keep in mind that wedding budgets often include many items such as invitations, favors, and the cake. There are also many ways to budget and save money. Cutting down your guest list is one significant way to keep the costs down.


One of the first steps in wedding planning is choosing your venue. Dallas, TX, has a wide range of options, whether you want your reception at a swanky hotel, a mansion, or even a rustic barn.

If you’ve always dreamed of a vineyard wedding, check out D’Vine Grace Vineyard. D’Vine Grace Vineyard sits on 20 pastoral acres of land in McKinney with lush lawns, water features, and grapevines. This Tuscan-inspired venue hosts private events year-round.

Are you looking for the perfect chapel? Bella Donna Chapel is one of the most beautiful chapels in Dallas, Texas! This Romanesque stone architecture chapel features antique wooden pews and stained-glass windows. If you love old-world historic charm, this is the perfect chapel for your ceremony.

Confirm and Book Your Vendors

You want to confirm and book vendors for your wedding day months in advance. Examples of vendors include the bakery that makes your wedding cake, your photographer or videographer, your florist, and even your hair and makeup artist.

Many vendors request a deposit when reserving their services, so be sure to keep this in mind when budgeting for your wedding. If you’re wedding planning in Dallas, TX, and don’t know where to start, check out this list of popular vendors most people have on their wedding day.

Finalize Your Bridal Party

At around ten months before your big day, you want to finalize who will be in your wedding party. You already have a general idea, but now is the time to start narrowing down your list. You’ll want to think about who will be available and what their day jobs are (depending on whether or not they can take off work).

You should also consider friends of yours who may have made sacrifices for you in the past whom you’d like to pay back by including them in your wedding celebration. Lastly, these people must share some level of intimacy with both partners—in either familial relationships or friendships.

Ask each person if they would do the honors of being a part of your wedding party. When choosing a best man or maid of honor, be sure you choose someone you trust. This person will have to be willing to step up and help out you plan a wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Find Your Wedding Gown

The wedding gown is often the most expensive purchase a bride will make for her wedding, but it should be one of the easiest decisions. You’ll have plenty more to figure out in your planning process. So don’t sweat this decision too much and choose something you love that can work with any wedding theme or color scheme.

-Wedding dresses are usually classified by style: A-line, ballgown, sheath/column dress, etc., so find what feels right to you. The silhouette (A line vs. Mermaid) and cut (strapless vs. full sleeves) also play a role. Finally, there’s fabric type which includes different qualities like silk satin versus tulle.

If you’re wedding planning in Dallas and are on the hunt for the perfect dress, there are tons of options. With its open, airy space and industrial-chic look, LuLu’s Bridal is unlike any other bridal salon in Dallas, Texas.

Brides receive personalized attention when choosing their wedding gowns from a team of professional bridal stylists. They even recently expanded their plus-size bridal collection, so just about any bride is sure to find the dress of her dreams.

Send Out Your Invites and Create A Wedding Website

Three months before your wedding, send out all your invites to your guests. In this modern-day world, a physical invite is a lovely traditional touch. On your invites, be sure to include a link (or a QR code if you’re super techy) to your wedding website.

A wedding website is where your guests can find all of the details about what’s happening on your wedding day. This includes information like who to contact for more details, the wedding color scheme and dress code, and registry information. Your wedding website should also provide directions, so people have no trouble finding their way to the ceremony or reception venue.

Wedding Planning in Dallas, TX: Our Top Tips

Congratulations! Your big day will be here before you know it, and that means there’s no time to waste with the planning. If you are planning a wedding in Dallas, TX, or anywhere else for that matter, then this post should give you some good ideas and tips to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch.

If you’re planning a wedding in Dallas, TX, and need help, get in touch with our team! From entertainment to decor, we’ll help you create the wedding you always envisioned.

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How to Hire a Wedding Planner in Dallas, TX

According to a survey, 96% of respondents said planning a wedding was stressful. As a soon-to-be bride, you may not find this statistic surprising, but why can’t you plan your dream day without the added stress? You can!

If you hire the right wedding planner for the job, you won’t have to deal with unnecessary anxiety before your big day. Not sure where to start? Luckily, our guide can help.

Read on to learn how to hire a wedding planner in Dallas.

Research Wedding Planners in the Dallas Area

The first step on how to hire a wedding planner in Dallas is by researching possible options in the area. The best wedding planner will depend on your specific needs.

A wedding planner should have their own website detailing the weddings and work they have done. Look for photos on these sites to learn more about what elements they tend to use in a wedding.

Hiring a wedding planner may come down to the style you want your wedding to be. Some planners stick with one or two styles over others so be sure to complete thorough research.

If a wedding planner has online reviews, read every one that you can! The best advice is always from those who have worked with the same planner you are considering.

Consult With Your Favorites

Planning a wedding is difficult, so you want to be sure you hire the right person for the job. For this reason, you should always consult with those you like from your research.

Start with a simple phone call to your top three or so choices. During this call, confirm the services they offer, their available dates, and their price range. If the answers correlate with your needs, set up a meeting.

Prepare for the Meeting

The next step to finding your dream wedding planner in Dallas is to prepare for the meeting before heading to it. If you had a large list of possible planners to narrow down, you may be meeting with more than one.

This is more of a reason to get prepared for meetings. Bring inspiration boards, magazine picks, Pinterest boards, etc.

Come with a list of questions you want to be answered and bring something to write down the answers so you don’t forget. You should also always ask for a list of references to contact after the meeting.

By noting the responses to their questions along with their personalities, you will have a better idea of how to hire the right wedding planner. A great wedding planner will respond to your ideas with enthusiasm and even offer suggestions.

Call References

If you followed the above step and asked for references, you can now call those people. You don’t have to hire a wedding planner on the spot. They will understand that you want to ensure you are making the right choice.

Just like you must be prepared for the meeting with the wedding planner, you should be prepared to speak to their references. Ask this general list of questions to get a better idea of a planner’s experience:

  • Did the wedding planner stick to your budget?
  • Can I see photos of your wedding?
  • How well did the planner take on your ideas?
  • Was the style of the wedding what you wanted?
  • What services did they take care of for you?
  • Did the wedding planner have good recommendations and connections?
  • Did they communicate with you promptly?
  • Did anything go wrong and how did the planner handle it?

By asking the tough questions, you’ll get a better idea of which wedding planner in Dallas you want to hire.

Keep in mind that a planner may give you a list of their best customers. Because of this, it is important to rely on the research you completed and not solely rely on the references.

Compare and Contrast

Comparing and contrasting the wedding planners you researched, interviewed, and so on is the most important step of the process. Take the time to consider all of the information you found.

To truly hire the right person for the job, compare personalities, references, notes, and then proposals if you received them.

After you have made a final decision, immediately call the planner to hire them. Congrats! You’ve found the perfect planner in Dallas, but that isn’t the final step.

Sign the Contract

The last thing to cover after you hire a wedding planner is the contract. If you received proposals from a planner after you met with them, it will often serve as the basis of a contract.

However, to ensure you are getting the most out of wedding planning services, ensure these points are listed in the contract:

  • Name and contact information
  • Itemized list of services
  • Total cost/calculation
  • Deposit amount due
  • Due dates for other balances
  • Refund or cancellation policy
  • Wedding planner’s signature

Only sign a contract if all of these important points are included. You should understand everything in the contract without needing to ask questions because you’ve already discussed it beforehand.

However, if you don’t understand something in the contract, don’t hesitate to ask. Once signed, you cannot go back on it in most cases.

How to Hire a Wedding Planner the Right Way

Now that you know how to hire a wedding planner in Dallas, you can start the journey for your dream day. Without the right planner, the wedding day may not go as smoothly as you wanted.

When you follow this guide, you are sure to make the best choice for your personal needs. Your day is all about you and hiring a wedding planner should be no different.

Contact us now to learn how we can elevate your wedding day goals.

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How Much Does a Wedding Planner in Dallas Cost?

74% of couples plan to go into debt for their wedding. Engaged couples have a lot of things to think about, but one of the big ones that friends and family are likely going to be wondering about as well is the wedding. If you’re concerned about the price of the special day, it’s clear you’re not alone. Did you know that a wedding planner in Dallas can actually save you money?

Even though you’re paying them for their services, you may end up spending less on your wedding overall than you think. Keep reading below to learn about how to know what a wedding planner would cost and why you should be sure to hire one.

How Much Does a Wedding Planner in Dallas Cost?

Because every wedding is different and people plan for different activities and services for their weddings, there is not a set cost for a wedding planner.

Your prices would depend on what types of services you were looking for and what type of package you wanted for your special day. It also will depend on what your expectations are for the services leading up to the wedding day and on the actual wedding day because these will cost different amounts of money.

Most wedding planners are going to charge a specific price for full-service planning, which would include everything before and during the wedding. If you’re looking for a day-of wedding planner only, this would cost less money. 

More experienced wedding planners, including some DFW wedding planner options, may charge a little more because they know that their services are top-notch.

If you’re looking for the best event planner in Dallas, it makes sense that you can expect to pay a little bit more for their services. They have access to more tools and resources, but they also know more reputable and sought-after vendors in the community that can help with the big day.

Before you hire anyone, work out your wedding budget. It’s a good idea to consider what your overall budget is for the wedding and figure out what percentage of that you’re comfortable spending on a wedding planner. 

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

One thing that people don’t always think about when planning a wedding is that many items will cost more than they initially expect. If you hire a wedding planner, they will be able to keep you within your budget much easier than you can do on your own. 

Another benefit to hiring a wedding planner is that they know which vendors will be best for your event. Based on your style, personality, and expectations, they will help you figure out which vendors are going to work best with your wedding and which may not be a good fit.

Because of the preferred vendors that wedding planners often work with being close to the planner, they may be able to get you additional discounts.

Not only does this help to stay on budget, but it also means you can spend a little more in other areas that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise!

Speaking of the budget again, some couples can make expensive mistakes when they are planning a wedding for the first time. Planning a big event is not an easy task; this is why wedding planners with experience in the field exist. Avoiding those mistakes means that you get to save more money, which is a good thing for any couple that is ready to start their lives together. 

Wedding planners save you time as well as money. They do all of the research and planning for you so that you have time to focus on what you’re doing before the big day.

What Will a Wedding Planner Do for You?

If you’ve just become engaged (congratulations!), you likely are trying to figure out how to get started with the planning process. After all, there is a lot to do before a wedding.

Do you know what type of wedding you want? Are you interested in a specific venue, or do you have a general idea of what you think would work best? Have you considered the size of your wedding yet?

Some of these are basic questions that you’ll need to figure out early on because other parts of the planning process will be based on these decisions.

You also want to consider any COVID-19 regulations that are in place. As the state of Texas has eased up on many of the mandates that were previously in place, some specific venues and locations, as well as vendors, still have their own requirements that need to be considered.

A wedding planner can help you coordinate every single thing to do with your wedding to take the headache off of your shoulders. This way, all you have to do is enjoy the festivities with your loved ones and new spouse.

Do You Need to Hire Dallas Wedding Planners?

Hiring a wedding planner in Dallas is a smart move if you aren’t familiar with event planning. They will help you with all aspects of the process, but they will also help you save time and money along the way.

You’ll be assured that you have the best vendors, venue, and resources available for your big day. Choosing to hire a wedding planner is a great way to ensure that your day goes off without a hitch!

Are you interested in learning more? If so, be sure to contact us today to talk about our event planning experience and see what we can do for you.