How Much Does the Average Corporate Event Planner Cost?

Corporate event planner

Are you planning a big corporate event? Are you wondering about a corporate event planner, but you’re unsure about the cost and how it all works?

Event planning is no easy task, and corporate event planning takes months of meticulous planning to bring everything to perfection.

The right corporate event planner understands what’s at stake and will guide you through the entire process, from budgeting down to logistics.

So if you’re looking to ditch the stress and hire an event planner in Dallas, then keep reading this guide. You’ll find out everything you need to know about corporate event planning, from the cost to the big event.

What Does a Corporate Event Planner Do?

A corporate event planner has one important role. That role is to make your event a success. Corporate event planning is a long process, and it needs constant attention to detail to make sure things stay on track.

Corporate event planners can work with public relations or marketing companies to organize events for their clients. They plan and manage conferences, press conferences, product launches, annual meetings, and more.

But before you go scampering off to hire a corporate event planner, you need to be clear on what you want to accomplish at your event.

Know What You Want

The best avenue to finding the perfect event planner is defining what you want to accomplish. Whether your event is to launch a new product or celebrate a huge company milestone, you need to determine the tasks you expect your event planner to do

Not all event planners are made the same, and all of them offer different pricing based on the services you need. But they will typically choose the venue, entertainment and give you food and drink options.

What to Look for First

Recommendations on Google are helpful when searching for the perfect event planner, but you want to take it a step further and find solid recommendations from peers in your field. 

Ask about their work for other companies, how well the event was planned, and how friendly the event planning company was to work with.

When you’re organizing a corporate event, more is at stake, so you need to know what to pay attention to when meeting with prospective event planners. It’s a good idea to meet with at least three professional event planners so you can sit down and compare the pros and cons. 

The first thing you want to look at is the event planner’s actual planning process. You need to understand how their process works, how your input fits in, and a clear picture of the preparation schedule.

You also need to know they will communicate with you. Whether you will have in-person meetings, get email updates, or phone calls. You want an event planner that understands you have a business to run and won’t allow planning an event to disrupt your flow.

Other qualities that make an event planning company stand out are creativity, resourcefulness, and kindness under pressure. So carefully evaluate how an event planning company makes you feel from the moment you meet them.

Get the Specifics

Now you want to get down to the nitty-gritty. Find out what types of events they specialize in. Some event planning companies handle mainly product launches, while others focus on corporate events or conferences.

Next, find out what vendors they partner with or prefer to work with, as typically this gives an event planning company access to discounts for high-quality services.

And don’t forget some event planning companies won’t work with vendors who aren’t on their list, so be sure to ask this question from the get-go. You need to know what your choices are limited to.

Planning your budget is vital, so you’ll want an event planner that’s transparent with their budget plan. And one that stays within your budget as well. Some event planners have a required minimum budget, so be sure to take this into account. 

Event Planner Cost

When it comes to event planner costs, it’s essential to define your budget first. Depending on the type of event, your costs can vary.

Typically event planners can structure their fees in a few ways, such as:

  • A flat fee
  • A percentage of the expenses
  • An hourly rate
  • Commission

On average, an event planner will cost you from $500 to $900 an hour, but don’t forget the average cost varies depending on where you live. Keep in mind that most event planners charge a base fee, in addition to a percentage of the price of an event.

The type of location you need can drive up your overall costs, so make sure you include any additional venue fees. Also, the structure of your event overall can drive up the price. For example, if you have a specialized corporate event with many components, you’ll pay more.

Cutting Costs

When you’re event planning, costs add up quickly. So you need a strategy. To keep more money in your pocket, try things like:

  • Shorten your guest list if you can
  • Create a strict budget and stick to it
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate on the price
  • Think about event planning for only a portion of your event

You can also consider having brunch instead of dinner and drinks to reduce your food and catering costs.

Corporate Event Planner

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