How To Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Are you getting married in the coming year? Finding the right wedding photographer for the big day is a must.

We don’t have to tell you how much you’ve got to do to prepare for your wedding day, but you’d be remiss not to book your photographer far in advance. There are over 250,000 photography businesses in the country, most of which will happily do weddings.

With so many photographers out there, how on earth are you supposed to pick one for your wedding? That’s what we’re here to discuss in this post. Keep reading, and we’ll give you the complete guide on choosing a wedding photographer who’ll perfectly capture your wedding and give you something to remember for years to come.

Come Up With a Budget

Before you actually start your search for the perfect wedding photographer, you need to know how much you can spend. It helps to do a bit of research beforehand to find out how much people typically pay for wedding photography.

The difference between photographers and other wedding vendors is the price range. You can get an inexperienced photographer that wants to build a portfolio for free or a seasoned photographer that charges normal rates. Which you choose depends on how professional you want your pictures to be.

Have An Idea of Your Style

Every couple dreams of how their big day will look, and you want that to come across with the photos. If you’ve got any thoughts on the poses, setting, or look of the photos, make sure you can explain this to a photographer.

You should also make sure you’re both on the same page with what you want. A good photographer should be able to achieve whatever look you’re going for, but they aren’t mind readers, so you need to act as the de facto director.

When you’re ready, start your search by heading to Google and looking for photographers near you. This should give you a wide range of photographers in your area to start with.

If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you may want to consult a wedding planner to help you find a great photographer. At Total Events DFW, we work with a wide variety of wedding vendors, including photographers and entertainers, so we can give you the best in the area.

Check Past Client Reviews

Whether you’re hiring a wedding planner or going it alone, it’s going to make your life easier to look at past client reviews. Testimonials and reviews tell you so much about the quality of a photographer and what it’s like to work with them.

This is important information before you hire someone. No one can tell you more about a photographer than a couple who has already worked with them, so read through the reviews and choose a few of the top-rated photographers to contact first.

Look At Their Portfolio

You’ll also be able to glean a lot of insight through a photographer’s portfolio. If you’ve got an eye for photography, you can narrow down your selection of photographers by comparing their portfolios to the style that you and your spouse-to-be came up with together.

If you can’t find a portfolio on their website – or they don’t have a website – don’t be afraid to ask them for samples. You can’t be expected to make this important decision without seeing samples of their work first.

Consider Lighting

Presumably, you’ve already booked your venue by the time you’re looking for a photographer. As you may or may not know, lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of photography, so this needs to be discussed with prospective photographers.

For instance, if you have access to an outdoor backdrop, taking advantage of daylight will be important. In terms of indoor shots, it’s good to know if they’ll be using flash or bringing their own lighting setup to the venue. This is one of those practical things that gets overlooked when you’re overwhelmed by the wedding planning process.

Do They Do Video

More and more couples want a wedding video in addition to their wedding photographs. If you can find a photographer that can do both, you’ll save yourself time and money.

It’s important to discuss their wedding photo/video packages. You don’t want to miscommunicate and not get video services when you think you are getting them. The photographer may need to bring extra equipment to accommodate your video requests, which may cost more money.

Find Out Rates

Since you spent some time coming up with a budget earlier on, the next thing you should do after you’ve narrowed the search down is asking about rates. Pick the photographer with the best-looking portfolio that also fits within your budget.

Photograph Rights

Another overlooked thing that your photographer should bring up is the rights to the pictures. Many couples just assume that with the photography fee, they obtain the rights to the photos, but this isn’t usually the case.

It’s good to tackle the legal stuff before hiring someone. Photographers will want to hold on to their rights simply to use the photos in their portfolio moving forward. This will never stop you or your family members from using them however they want.

Editing Timeline

The last thing you’ll want to think about is how long it will take to get the photos and videos back after the wedding. It’s important to get this information before hiring someone so that you aren’t strung along after the wedding day.

Of course, the photographer will need time to pare down and edit the photos for you. That said, it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks to get them back in your possession.

Find Your Dream Wedding Photographer in Dallas/Fort Worth

If you follow this guide, you’ll be able to find a great wedding photographer 100% of the time. There’s no denying that doing all of this due diligence can be time-consuming, but it’s also worth it to have great photos of your big day.

Couples in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can look no further than Total Events DFW to find high-quality photographers and videographers. To start planning your wedding, contact us, and we’ll tell you how we can help.