How to Hire the Best Event Planner in the Dallas Fort Worth Area

hire an Event Planner

Successful events don’t happen by chance. They’re an outcome of well-thought-out plans. Event planning success takes experience and the right match of equipment and skills.

You also need a cohesive team and the right partners to coordinate an event and please your guests. Many people usually opt to hire an event planner. Keep reading this guide for how to hire an event planner in the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

Establish Your Event Goals

Even though you want to hire an event planner, the event should still exude your style. This is why it’s crucial to define your event planning objectives and goals. By defining your goals, you’ll provide your planner with clarity on which direction to take.

Having a clear vision allows your planner to arrive at the correct planning needs for your event. Clear event goals can ensure your event fulfills its purpose. For example, if your event’s goal is to impress new clients, your purpose might be to inform participants about the user experience on offer. 

Your event planning goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Even if you’re planning a wedding, you should have clear objectives to ensure outcomes meet your expectations. 

Research About an Event Planning Costs and Create a Budget

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, social or corporate event, you should establish how much it’s likely to cost you. Event planning can cost between 15% to 20% of the total cost of the event. Before this, some event planners will ask for a base fee.

If your event cost is $20,000, the event planner may charge you up to $ 5,000. By taking time to establish your expenses, you’ll have more clarity about how much you’ll spend. This way, you can create a smart budget to control costs and ensure your event meets your goals. 

Also, event costs will always vary. Your dreams, likes, and interests, and other factors can affect your total event costs. Aspects like location, entertainment, decorations, and food and drinks will also influence costs

If you’re in Dallas, Fort Worth and the thought of event cost planning unsettles you, reach out to Total Events DFW. With our 20 years of experience, you’ll enjoy some peace of mind while we do the planning work. 

Define the Exact Attributes You Want in an Event Planner

Hiring an event planner is about hiring a professional. You want someone with the right skills and traits to deliver their promise. They should master their job and commit to ensuring your event runs smoothly. 

An event planner should be a good organizer, creative, problem-solver, and independent thinker. Event planning is full of challenges. But they can provide the leadership needed to ensure success in your event with these skills. 

An event planner’s experience and personality say a lot about how they’ll approach your project. If they have the right attributes, their past clients will have a lot of positive things to say about them. This is why it’s important to wade through reviews and look at what previous clients say about a planner. 

Watch out for personality cues when you interact with an event planner. You expect them to be bubbly and enthusiastic about their work and your project. If you have any doubts about their attitude and social skills, continue searching. 

Ask For Offline and Online Recommendations

If there’s a reliable way of finding the best event planner in Fort Worth, it’s personal recommendations. Close friends who have hired an event planner in the past could be your hiring masterstroke.

Ask your trusted friends, relatives, and colleagues for tips about event planners in Dallas, Fort Worth. Locals are more likely to know a lot about local businesses than anybody else. 

The next best place to find a good event planner is searching for an event planner online. Ask for recommendations on local social media community groups. Some suggestions can be misleading so dig through each candidate’s profile and reviews before hiring. 

Shortlist Several Event Planners

Hiring an event planner should be a thorough process that helps you narrow down to the best ones. List all the event planners found in your hiring process for rigorous interviewing. There are some factors to consider during the shortlisting process.

The most crucial consideration is whether a planner has local experience. You want someone who has great connections in Dallas, Fort Worth. That way, you won’t compromise on your goals and needs.

Also, consider whether your planner plans all types of events or specializes in a few types. Total Events DFW specializes in weddings, social and corporate events in the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

You also want to be sure your event planner is well-equipped to make your event a success. Do they have everything you need, or they’ll have to outsource some equipment? Total Events DFW has the experience, team, and equipment to deliver an unforgettable event. 

Ask Them to Show Proof of Their Expertise

Find proof of expertise when you’re interviewing an event planner. A good presentation or an attractive website shouldn’t sway you into booking a planner. An experienced event planner has worked with many clients to show they have what it takes. 

One veritable proof that you can count on is online reviews and ratings. Look for an event planner’s ratings and reviews on niche-based review sites like Wedding Wire. Many clients provide feedback on niche-based review sites where they can get a higher audience. 

Credible event planners are likely to be members of event associations like ILEA and NACE. Members of ILEA have to show integrity and pursue continuous education on industry best practices. 

Industry awards can also help you confirm an event planner’s expertise. It’s not easy to outshine hundreds of event planning providers and come out on top. Awards are up there as one of the best tools to prove you’re interviewing the best event planner. 

Before ending the interview, ask a planner about their portfolio. You want to know how many events they have successfully managed in Dallas, Fort Worth. 

Ready to Hire an Event Planner? 

Your chances of hiring the best event planner are directly proportional to your effort in the hiring process. Take your time to shortlist the best candidates and leave no stone unturned during interviews. 

If you’re looking for quality event planners in the Dallas, Fort Worth area we can help. Contact us at Total Events DFW for help with your next event.