How to Plan the Perfect Dallas Wedding

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Wedding planning starts a year before the wedding, with hundreds of little things to take care of. If you’ve decided to plan your own wedding, you need a plan of action and a budget to cover every detail. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and should be absolutely magical and happy. But planning an entire wedding can be stressful and overwhelming. Keep reading to learn how to plan your Dallas wedding from scratch and make this day the most memorable day ever.

Make a Wedding Planning Checklist

Wondering how to plan a wedding on your own? Start with a detailed wedding planning checklist. Write down everything you can think of that you’ll need for the wedding.

Then, divide each item into sections and write down how much everything will cost. For example, in the Wedding Cake section, write down the type of cake you want, flavors, colors, budget, and any bakeries you have in mind.

For the music section, write down whether you want a live band or a DJ, the music genre or songs you want at your wedding, as well as the budget you’ll set aside.

Set a Wedding Budget

The most important first step to planning a wedding in Dallas is setting a wedding budget. Knowing exactly how much you’re able to spend will help you plan each aspect of the wedding better. It’ll also keep you from overspending, which can easily happen when you’re surrounded by wedding-related stuff.

Define the Number of Guests

Before you start booking the venue and caterers, you need to define the number of guests you want to invite to your wedding. This is important for your budget but also for the type of venue you’ll choose.

Once you have a number, you can send out the invitation along with an RSVP request. This way, you’ll know exactly who can make it so you have a final number for the wedding.

There’s a huge difference between a 50-guest wedding and a big 500-guest wedding. The size of your guest list will determine all the wedding decisions you make down the road.

Decide on the Location and Venue

The first thing you need to do when starting to plan your wedding is to find the perfect venue. Based on your guest list, you should start looking at venues at least 9 months to a year before the wedding.

Don’t have enough time to visit every venue in person? Then you need to hire a wedding planner in Dallas to organize everything for you. All you’ll have left to do is find the perfect wedding dress and enjoy your perfect wedding day with your loved ones.

Define the Wedding Theme

Now that you booked a venue, it’s time to choose a wedding theme. This will help you coordinate the flowers, colors, and decorations for the wedding.

If you’re not sure what theme to choose, hire professional Texas wedding planners who will help you choose the best theme and decor for your wedding.

Find a Good Caterer

The food at your wedding is essential for keeping your guests happy and energized throughout the entire wedding. If you want your wedding to have a traditional Texan flavor, opt for a mix of classic BBQ meats paired with a plated dinner or a buffet.

Make sure the venue you’ve chosen allows you to bring a caterer because most venues have their own vendors or catering services. Whichever the case, the wedding food is one of the biggest expenses so make sure you book the caterers at least 10 months in advance.

If dealing with caterers isn’t for you, hand everything over to a wedding planner. Just tell them what your preferences are and they’ll do the job seamlessly. The wedding planner cost is worth every penny because it saves you time and unwanted stress.

Choose Your Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is an essential part of wedding planning. It’s like the centerpiece of the party where you and your spouse will cut it together with your guests gathered around. It’s also the symbol of starting your sweet life together in marriage, so it has to be spectacular.

Research some quality bakeries in your area and ask around to see what prices to expect. Decide on the design and flavor, and book it at least several months in advance.

Choose The Music

Now comes the fun part: the music. If you want a live band for your wedding, you’ll need to book them 5-6 months in advance. Decide on the genre, give them a list of your favorite songs, and talk to them about timelines.

You can also hire a DJ to entertain the guests while the band is taking a break or if you want to do some special dances or have a mini-disco party.

Will you need different music for your ceremony and reception? See if you can hire the same band for both occasions. Otherwise, you should book a different musician for the ceremony and book the band for the reception only.

Find a Wedding Photographer and Videographer

To capture all the magical moments of your Dallas wedding, you need a good wedding photographer and videographer. You should plan to book them right after you book the venue, so at least 8-10 months in advance.

If you want to have photos from the entire day (not just the reception) you may need to hire an additional photographer or book your chosen photographer for a full-day shoot.

Let Us Help You Plan Your Perfect Dallas Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most special days in your life and you want — and deserve — everything to be perfect. From choosing a wedding theme to finding the perfect music, food, flowers, and cake, planning a wedding is exciting but also stressful.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed already and would like to avoid the stress of planning your Dallas wedding, our professional wedding planners are here to help. Contact us at Total Events DFW today to learn more about our services and let’s plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.