Wedding Guide: 6 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

wedding guide

If you haven’t noticed, 2022 was the year of the wedding. Thanks, in large part, to pandemic-related delays, 2022 witnessed a record-breaking 2.6 billion weddingsat least. If you’re riding the tail-end of this wave and planning a wedding in the coming years, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. Making the choice to get married can lead to big emotions and big transitions, and wedding planning only adds to the chaos of it all. Fortunately, we’ve got a quick wedding guide that will spare you some of the common trials and tribulations couples face while preparing for their big day.

Read on for six wedding planning mistakes that we see all too often and how to avoid them.

1. Planning Before Budgeting

Your beloved has proposed and you’ve already got some serious ideas about what your wedding will look like. You’re calling venues, you’re setting up tastings, you’re hiring a DJ, and you haven’t actually talked to your partner (or anyone else helping with the bill) about a budget.

Remember that weddings aren’t cheap (averaging at about $28,000) and unless money is no object, you’ll have to think long and hard about how much you can spend on your vendors, your dress, your decor, and more. 

Come to an agreement with anyone who is chipping in on how much you can spend on your wedding before you get into the nitty-gritty. Then, don’t shy away from asking for estimates and doing your research before signing any contracts.

2. Not Communicating About Wedding Wants and Needs

There are two people getting married on your big day, and while one partner may take the reigns when it comes to wedding planning, the other shouldn’t feel excluded. 

Throughout the wedding planning process, check in with your partner to talk about what you both want and need at your wedding. Even if your partner is taking a hands-off approach, they may feel strongly about hiring a band over a DJ or having a buffet over a served meal. 

If your expectations start to clash, compromise. Maybe you get the DJ and he gets the buffet. As long as you talk it out and your wedding is representative of your individual ideas and desires, you’ll be in good shape.

3. Putting Off Big Ticket Items

Don’t set your heart on a wedding date and then spend the next four months planning decor without locking down your vendors. Not only will vendors take up a huge chunk of your budget but they’re also quick to book up, especially if you’re getting married in a popular wedding season like spring or fall. 

As soon as you can, secure your:

  • venue
  • DJ or band
  • caterer
  • photographer
  • wedding planner
  • transportation
  • florist

You should also start looking for your wedding gown sooner rather than later. Most brides need to have their wedding gowns altered, and it can take months from the time you pick your dress to the time it’s walking-down-the-aisle-ready. 

4. Letting Too Many Cooks Into the Kitchen

Your friend from high school has a friend who has a coworker who knows the perfect florist that you should use. Your parents have a ton of suggestions for the wedding playlist and don’t seem to care that you already have your favorite songs in mind. Sound familiar?

Trust us when we tell you that a lot of people will have thoughts and opinions about your wedding. A lot of people will offer to help. This can seem great at first, but you should try to limit how many minds and hands you bring on to your wedding planning team.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of unwanted ideas or favors, it’s okay to politely decline. Your wedding isn’t meant to make every single guest the happiest person in the room. The only thing that matters is that you and your future spouse are the happiest people in the room.

5. Not Prioritizing Wellness 

While weddings are fun and memorable affairs, wedding planning can make you want to pull your hair out. Yes, there are fun moments, like dress shopping or creating a Pinterest board with your best friend. However, there are a lot of moving parts that can become overwhelming after the first few months.

Don’t let wedding planning overtake your life. If it’s starting to, schedule it into your day alongside other activities, like spending time with your fiancé or heading to a yoga class. 

Remember, there may be a few little hiccups, but they aren’t going to ruin your wedding. You shouldn’t let your wedding ruin your mental and emotional health, either. 

6. Not Hiring a Wedding Planner

If you’re working with a tight budget, it might seem logical to skip the wedding planner. After all, you can handle all of this yourself, right?

The truth is that hiring a wedding planner doesn’t just make it easier to survive wedding planning. It’s actually a smart financial move.

Experienced wedding planners know the vendors in your city. They know how much your ideas will actually cost, and they may even be able to pull a few strings and drop the price on some of your out-of-budget desires. No matter what, a wedding planner will keep you within your budget while downgrading your stress levels, and nothing could be better than that. 

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Planning a wedding is no small feat, and there are a ton of wedding mistakes that couples seem to make year after year. With this wedding guide, you can beat the learning curve and stay on the right track.

The truth is, we can offer you more than this wedding guide. Total Events is one of the top event planning companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and our wedding planners go above and beyond to create the perfect day for their happy couples. Contact us to see what we can do for you!