What Does an Event Planner Do? 5 Things to Know

what does an event planner do

In 2019, the average wedding in Texas cost around $30,200. 

If you’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful wedding, you might want to budget around this much for your upcoming wedding. 

You might also want to consider hiring an event planner. But, what does an event planner do, and is it worth the trouble?

As you plan your wedding, you should know the following five things about event planner services, as you might want to hire one for help with your big day. Keep reading to learn what you should know.

1. What Does an Event Planner Do? 

The first thing you should understand is what an event planner does. What duties and responsibilities do event planners offer? Here are some of the primary ones:

Learn Your Desires and Needs for Your Event

Planning a wedding requires time, thought, money, and planning. For your event planner to assist, they’ll need to learn your desires and needs for the event.

When you hire us to assist with your event, we’ll ask you some questions to determine these answers. Once we know this information, the planning begins.

Help you Create a Budget

Next, our event planners work on helping you create a budget for the event. Creating a budget is vital for a wedding, as it dictates how much you’ll spend and where you’ll spend the money.

Create a List of Every Aspect of the Event

An event planner assisting with your wedding also creates a list of every aspect to cover for the event. For example, the list might include flowers, music, decorations, and food. 

Hire and Work With the Subcontractors

An event planner hires the subcontractors you need for the event, such as a photographer and caterer. They work with each sub to ensure that they provide the services you need and want for your special day.

Attend the Event to Ensure It Runs Smoothly

An event planner also attends the event and manages it. They’ll be there to ensure that it runs smoothly and to handle any last-minute changes or problems. 

2. What Skills Do Event Planners Need to Offer Excellent Services?

Event planners often have special skills that help them offer excellent services. What are the skills an event plan should possess? Here are a few:

Experience Working With People

Event planners should possess a kind, understanding personality and have experience working with people. They might have experience in this field or similar ones.

The Right Education

Many event planners hold degrees in Human Resources or hospitality. Their educations help prepare them for the duties they have as event planners.

Excellent Communication Skills

Event planners must have excellent communication skills, as they turn your ideas into a reality. They must have good listening skills and work well with other people. 

An Eye for Details and Creativity

Event planners also have an eye for details, which is an essential trait for planning events. They are also creative and have ideas to share. 

3. How Much Money Do Event Planners Make and Charge?

As you consider hiring an event planner for your wedding, you might have a few questions about the costs. For example, how much money do event planners earn?

On average, an event planner in Texas earns $49,080 annually. High-level planners with a lot of experience might earn even more than this amount. 

Event planning is a huge responsibility. The planner assumes these responsibilities when someone hires them, as clients expect the events to run smoothly and turn out great. 

When you hire event planners for events, how much will they charge? The answer depends on the event and the things you want them to do, but on average, you can expect to pay between 15% to 20% of the total costs.

For example, if your wedding costs $30,000, the planner might charge $4,500 to $6,000 for the services they offer. 

The charges vary, though, but you can ask us for a quote if you’d like more information about the costs. 

4. Why Should You Hire One for Your Wedding?

If you read blogs that offer event planning tips, one of the tips you’ll see is to hire an event planner rather than planning the event yourself.

You might wonder, though, if you really need one. After all, you could save a lot of money by planning it yourself. 

Here are several reasons to consider hiring an event planner rather than handling the planning yourself:

You Don’t Have Enough Time

When you take on the responsibilities of planning your wedding, you’ll need to have plenty of time to work on it. Your wedding event might suffer if you have a busy schedule and don’t have enough time to spend working on it.

You’ve Never Planned an Event

Secondly, do you have experience planning huge events? If not, why would you consider planning your wedding when you can hire an expert to help you plan it? 

You Want the Ideal Wedding

Finally, do you long for the ideal wedding – a wedding that is picture-perfect in every way? 

If you want the ideal wedding, you’ll need help planning it. An event planner can help you turn your ideas and thoughts into a dream come true wedding!

5. How Can You Choose a Wedding Planner?

If you’re wondering what steps to take to learn how to plan an event, the first step is choosing a wedding planner. How do you hire one, though?

Many people begin looking for one by searching for, “event planners near me.” When you look in the Texas area, you’ll find our event planning services.

You can read through our website to learn more about our services, and you can contact us for references and other information.  

Ready to Hire an Event Planner for Your Wedding?

After learning these five things, you might understand the answer to, “what does an event planner do?” You might also realize that hiring one is a smart move when planning a wedding.

If you’re ready to learn more about our event planning services in Texas, call us or fill out this form to learn more!