10 Company Event Ideas Your Employees and Clients Will Love in Fort Worth, TX

company event ideas

With the pandemic over, company events are back en vogue. This year, the event industry should finally make a full recovery to 2019 levels.

Why are corporate events so important to the businesses hosting them? In essence, they’re a major building block of company culture. They allow employees and clients to have some fun while networking with each other.

Unfortunately, many companies aren’t that creative when it comes to events. Rather than explore new company event ideas, they opt for a traditional approach. As a result, these events usually fail to excite anyone.

Want to make sure your next event in Fort Worth, TX, is authentic and memorable? Here are ideas for corporate events you’ll want to consider!

1. Escape Room

It’s easy to see why escape rooms are a popular event activity. They’re fun tasks that challenge participants to work together toward a common goal. To really get them to put on their creative hats, add a time limit as well.

Another great thing about escape rooms is that they’re very flexible. For starters, you can have them at your event venue or at an off-site location. You can also tailor the theme to something relevant to your business.

2. Casino Night

From poker to roulette, most people have a favorite casino game. Make that work in your favor by transforming your event space into a casino for one night. For an authentic experience, consider hiring professional dealers.

Depending on who’s invited, you may want to play for fun, charity, or real prizes. If you opt for the former, it’s still a good idea to provide some form of mock currency. Again, it’s best to use something specific to your brand.

3. Live Music

Are you planning an event filled with lectures and keynote speakers? If so, the least you can do is spice it up with some live music. A live band or the right DJ can both set the stage (so to speak) for a fun experience.

If you have the budget for it, consider making a splash by hiring a big-name artist. If not, there are plenty of great local artists in Fort Worth as well! Just make sure you hire an act that aligns with your audience’s tastes.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Another classic team building exercise, scavenger hunts are always a great time. Like escape rooms, they provide communication and problem-solving skills. Unlike escape rooms, though, they tend to be easier to plan.

For a scavenger hunt, all you need to do is give attendees a list of items they need to find. As the hunt continues, you may also want to show their progress on the leaderboard. This will help fuel the competitive spirit.

5. Baking Contest

If you’re hosting a holiday party for your employees, consider a baking contest. First, have your attendees bake their favorite holiday treats before the event. Then, bring them to a panel of judges, i.e. other team members.

A baking contest is a great way to bring out your employees’ creativity in a friendly competition. Plus, you get to enjoy all the delicious treats that entered the contest. It’s a win-win for everyone!

6. Mixology Course

Speaking of holiday treats, how about a hands-on mixology class? Have a professional mixologist show your team how to mix up their favorite cocktails. This allows your employees to socialize while learning new skills.

For best results, have your mixology course take place during happy hour. Keep in mind that all company events come with specific logistics. Happy hour is a chance to shake up the more relaxing parts of the schedule.

7. Virtual Reality

As an event organizer, one of your goals should be to offer an immersive experience. Virtual reality is a great fit! This technology allows your attendees to engage with your content rather than passively listen to it.

The best thing about virtual reality is that you can use it for many purposes. If you’ve got an awards ceremony coming up, VR can spice it up. You can also use VR to enhance some of the above games, like scavenger hunts.

8. Comedy Show

There’s no escaping it: the corporate world is serious business. This is why company events are a good opportunity to take a break from it. Booking a comedian to perform their latest set is a great way to achieve that.

As with live music, you’ll want a performer who appeals to your audience. Comedians who are “working blue”, for instance, usually aren’t a great fit. Consider hiring an event planner to help you find the right person.

9. Paint and Sip

With corporate event planning, it’s all about finding out how to break the ice. One thing that may help is to encourage artistic expression. A paint-and-sip activity allows attendees to do that while enjoying tasty drinks.

If you’ve never hosted a paint-and-sip, it’s exactly what it sounds like! You provide attendees with painting supplies and drinks, then have them go to town. For added motivation, let them keep the paintings they create.

10. Secret Gift Exchange

If the holidays are closing in, your event could benefit from a secret gift exchange. Also known as Secret Santa, this tradition is great for team building as it encourages attendees to think about what others may like.

To make the most of this exercise, set a specific price range for all gifts. If you have the budget for it, you may even want to finance the whole affair. At the event, you can make a big deal out of unwrapping the gifts as well.

Best Company Event Ideas for You

The bottom line: fun company event ideas come in many forms. Picking one will depend on your budget and whether you’re using your own facilities. The above list contains a variety of options that may work for you!

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