10 Tips for Organizing a Successful Corporate Event

corporate event

They say everything is better in Texas, which is why there are 96 companies from the Fortune 1000 that have their global headquarters in the state. That number doesn’t even represent the small businesses, companies, and corporations that are located all around the Lone Star State. For every company, there are multiple opportunities to host a corporate event.

That may look like a recruiting seminar, a morale-boosting appreciation event, or a product launch party, to name a few. Since many professional events can come off feeling boring or poorly executed, you will want to reach a little deeper into a pocket of tricks to make your event stand out.

Continue reading for 10 tips on successful event planning guaranteed to make your clients and employees look forward to your next soiree. 

1. Decide on the Purpose

There are many reasons to throw a corporate event. Deciding on the purpose before you begin planning will help with other steps, like budgeting and location. 

It might be tempting to save money by putting two or three events together in one, like a recruiting event and an awards night. Keep in mind that your purpose should be clear and you want the ROI (return on investment) in regards to your event to be high. 

Your coworkers or clients might overwhelm someone who is a potential recruit, and your investors may not want to sit through hours of small talk and awards. 

2. Budget

Even though we all wish the sky were the limit when it comes to funds, every successful corporate event planner will start with a budget. The budget needs to include each aspect of the event that will require money. 

Some party planners will hope to get items or services donated, but don’t plan on it from the get-go. While having a discount on food or entertainment would be great if it works out, you should still budget as though you had to pay full price for the service.

If someone on your committee says “I know a guy” it still needs to be in the numbers.   

3. Corporate Event: Location Is Key

Choosing the location for your function is another important part of event management. The location not only needs to fit in with whatever type of event you are planning, but it needs to be functional as well. A recruitment event searching for employees with a strong sense of business wouldn’t be at a bowling alley, while a staff appreciation party held there might be a lot of fun. 

A black-tie awards ceremony would do best held inside a ballroom at a hotel over a local recreation center. 

The weather can play a big part in location as well. For example, holding your event outdoors in Texas during the hottest or rainiest months of the year will not have people begging for more. 

4. Number of People

The more people who plan on attending your event, the higher the budget needs to be. If it’s a recognition party, will each employee be bringing a plus 1? Asking for RSVPs when you can sets the expectation for numbers.

It’s also a good idea to communicate a firm date for when those attending the event need to RSVP. This will allow time to finalize with the caterers and the location for the final amount of people to expect.

5. Entertainment

You can get entertainment for the occasion in several ways. Some party planning services have a list of entertainers that work solely with the company or are readily available for a variety of events. 

Choosing the right entertainment for the event should be done based on the theme. If it’s a corporate family picnic, having jugglers or acrobats for the children will keep the parents entertained too, while dancers, musicians, or a comedian might be more appropriate for an adult-only night of fun. 

6. Delegate

It might be tempting to plan the entire event yourself, to make sure that everything is going smoothly. However, it’s a huge task to plan a full party. Delegating to coworkers and companies who specialize in this type of affair will come in handy, especially where the small details are concerned. 

7. Decor

To avoid the look of a high school prom, the decorations for your event need to be well thought out. Check out your location ahead of time, to see what space you have to work with.

Choose colors that complement each other; company colors often work out well in this regard. Add to the lighting if you need to by bringing in rentals. 

8. Food

The food you provide can make or break an event. If it’s a dinner party, you don’t want to be stingy about what you serve. If it’s a picnic, asking families to sign up to bring a dessert or salad while the company provides the rest is a great way to save on money and make sure there’s food there that even the kids will enjoy. 

Choose your food for the season, venue, and theme. Seafood doesn’t hold well in hot weather, while warm soup might be welcome in the middle of winter, but only at a seated event. 

9. Alcohol

The decision to serve alcohol at a corporate event should be determined by the age of the participants and the overall mood of the event. Having an open serve-yourself bar is never a good idea.

Hire a licensed bartender if you plan on serving drinks and have a cash bar for your employees. Bartenders aren’t to serve anyone appearing inebriated and they are required to card everyone at the event. 

Creating some interesting non-alcoholic beverages can take the emphasis off drinking and more on enjoying the event. 

10. Keep Your Head

While it’s almost impossible to plan for every emergency, staying calm during any crisis that happens before and during an event will help keep the evening as stress-free as possible. Having a party planner at your side is a guaranteed way of letting yourself enjoy all your hard work. 

We Plan, You Enjoy!

Taking your next corporate event from blasé to wow requires purposeful planning. While you can take on everything yourself, you don’t need to. Hire a team of professionals to keep some of the weight off your shoulders and bring your event to the next level. 

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area and are ready to see what Total Events DFW can do for your next event, contact us today