Event Planner Prices: How Much Does an Event Planner Cost in 2021? (And Are They Worth It?)

event planner prices

Event planners provide services to help take the stress away from planning a large or small-scale event. Through using an event planner, you’ll often find the end result being better than what you had originally planned for. 

Event planner prices can vary in range depending on how big the event you need to be planned is, what your budget for the event is, and how long the event will take to plan. But, the initial cost of an event planner is worth it, considering the amount of time and energy you’ll save preparing an event this way. 

To learn more about event planning prices, keep reading.

What an Event Planner Does

Event planners are in charge of coordinating all of the fine details that go into planning your event. Event planners may have a team of assistants to help them oversee everything they have scheduled, depending on the size of the event. 

An event planner is a person you will want to trust. They’re primarily responsible for the outcome of your event. Being on the same page with an event planner is an important factor in choosing one for hire.

Don’t be afraid to ask any event planners questions and exchange vision boards and ideas back and forth. After all, they will be responsible for seeking out venues, decorating, hiring caterers and other vendors, and more.

Their jobs involve having to take into consideration contingency planning. They have to be able to foresee what you as a client want and what is doable in the budget and time frame they are given.

They act as a coordinator and scheduler to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible.

Lots of event planners also pride themselves on coming up with the most creative and unique ideas for your event. They are usually more than willing to bring an extra flair to your event if your budget allows for it. 

They have connections to entertainers such as musicians, magicians, characters, DJs, and more. They also have resources to bring together arcade games, airbrush artists, caricaturists, and anything else you could possibly want at your event.

Most importantly, an event planner uses their time wisely to plan your event so that you don’t have to. Many people in charge of coordinating events don’t have the time to spend planning the perfect event. This is where event planners come in handy.

Event Planner Prices

Event planner prices vary depending on a few different things. Independent event planners may charge hourly, while corporate event planners may charge a percentage of the total event budget. Some event planners may charge a combination of the two. 

Event planners who charge hourly can start anywhere from forty dollars to two hundred and fifty dollars per-hourly consultation.  

Otherwise, planners might take a fifteen to twenty percent cut from the total event’s budget. These are most commonly called event planning packages and are standard for large-scale event planning and corporate event planners. Keep in mind that this cut may not include the hourly base pay towards the event planner as well.

An event planner in Dallas should be professional and able to easily work with their clients. Don’t hesitate to get multiple quotes from event planners to compare their services and rates. 

Expensive event planners probably go by that rate for a good reason. Higher costs can mean that they are well established and have many connections in the community. These connections could mean that you have access to vendors you otherwise would not be able to book or even get discounted rates for certain vendors because of deals they have with your event planner. 

Factors to Consider

There are factors to consider when determining how much your event planner will charge you aside from initial basic costs. 

The type of food and beverage needed at your event can play a role in costs. Some food is more expensive to make and transport. If you have many guests to feed, this will also increase the cost as well. Open bars and fancy dinner meals may be more expensive than hosting a brunch buffet or tea party, for example. 

Decorations are another factor to consider. These prices will vary and be included in your overall event budget, but they can still influence how much an event planner will cost due to the amount of work they have to put in to secure vendors, decorations, and more for you. Fresh flowers, large balloon arches, lights, and more will be more expensive than fake floral arrangements and cheap table cloths. 

 The type of event will very much influence how much an event planner will cost as well. The event planner price can be higher for a large wedding or important corporate event than a small birthday party, for example. 

The location plays a big role as well. Hiring an event planner to plan a destination event will be more expensive than hosting a local event. 

Making sure you have room in your budget to cover the costs of everything you want your event to have is important so that you do not spend more money on an event planner than you’re willing to spend. You want to pay for quality services without sacrificing the main parts of your event.

Hire an Event Planner Today

All in all, event planner prices don’t have to compromise the quality of your event. Hiring an event planner will most definitely elevate your event to the level that you dream it to be. 

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