Hiring a Wedding Planner vs DIY: 7 Reasons to Say “I Do” to the Pros!

hiring a wedding planner

With as many changes as the wedding industry has faced over the last year, it’s easy to see why spouses-to-be might go about hiring a professional to help plan their big day. Planning a wedding in normal circumstances can be stressful, but dealing with ever-changing circumstances can leave a lot of people feeling overwhelmed.

There are also other reasons a wedding planner could take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

Luckily, we’re here to talk about when you should consider hiring a wedding planner to help with your big day. Read on to learn eight of the biggest reasons.

1. How Busy Are You?

If you and your fiancé both work full time jobs or have other commitments, you might find that it’s completely necessary to hire a wedding planner. If you both find yourself taking time off from work, however, then you might find that you can take planning on yourself.

You should both communicate before taking this step, though, to ensure you’re on equal footing about the decision.

2. Budget Woes

We know, hiring a wedding planner might sound like the opposite of what you should do if you’re trying to follow a budget, but you might find it’s the thing that saves you. Paying this extra money now is going to save you a lot as you navigate the planning process.

Not only will your planner be able to find you vendors within your budget, but they’ll also be able to help you negotiate rates.

3. You’re Planning a Destination Wedding

Whether you’re planning something in a different state or on a different continent, having a wedding planner that knows the area is going to help a lot. This is especially important if you don’t know the culture of the location you’re getting married in.

Every country has different things to offer, and it can be smart to let someone local take the reigns if you’re doubting your capabilities even slightly.

4. You’re Stuck

Whether you’re having a tough time navigating vendor contracts or you simply don’t have a clear vision for your wedding day, having a planner on your team can help you get a clear picture of everything.

They’ll not only be able to help you understand those contracts, but they’ll also be able to help you choose a theme, colors, flowers, and everything else you’re going to need for your wedding day.

5. You’re Not a Planner

This kind of goes with being stuck, but doesn’t necessarily have to. You might know exactly what it is that you want, but you might not want to put all of it together. If you don’t enjoy wedding planning, then there isn’t really a reason to make yourself miserable throughout the process.

You can also hire a wedding planner to simply shoulder some of the responsibilities, but not all of them. So, if there are certain categories or things you want to plan, then you can take those tasks on while the planner takes care of everything else.

6. Lofty Pursuits

Do you find yourself dreaming of chocolate fountains and swans lining your wedding aisle?

With a wedding planner, you won’t have to worry about what’s going to work for your budget. You’re also going to have someone in your party that’s not afraid of giving you a reality check when and if it’s needed. Now, your wedding planner shouldn’t ever be rude to you, but if things are starting to move out of your budget then you’re going to need to switch your ambitions up.

Also, remember that you don’t need to have the fanciest or extravagant wedding for it to be enjoyable either. Even if you have a lot of guests you’re attempting to impress, they’re going to remember the fun they had at your wedding. Not the 10 chocolate fountains you somehow managed to squeeze into the venue.

7. Your Relationships Are Being Impacted

If you’re experiencing relationship issues while trying to plan your own wedding, it’s worth it to at least consider taking a step back. While some stress is normal, you want to ensure your bridesmaids and fiances aren’t doubling as punching bags in the process.

For the sake of not only your relationships, but also your mental health, it might be worth considering hiring a wedding planner to take some of the stress off your shoulders.

8. You Simply Want to Hire Someone

This is the biggest reason, and that’s because it doesn’t require a lot of thinking. If you simply want to hire someone to plan your wedding, then you absolutely should.

In the midst of putting everything together, it might feel easy to need to justify all the purchases you’re making. If you sprung for an expensive caterer because they have vegan options, or maybe you went for the bouquet option that’s above your budget, but reworked somewhere else to offset the price, it’s easy to feel bad about those things — especially if you’re not used to buying things for yourself.

But what a lot of people miss is that you don’t always have to justify the purchases you make for your wedding.

If hiring a wedding planner is in your budget and you feel like it’s a worthwhile purchase, then you should absolutely allow someone to help you plan your big day. 

Remember These Tips When Hiring a Wedding Planner

Now that we’ve gone over these tips for hiring a wedding planner, it’s time to start prepping for your big day. Whether you hire someone to come on full-time to plan the entire thing, or you just start delegating out certain tasks throughout the process, having professional help along the way can make a huge impact once your wedding day comes.

If you’re ready to take the leap into hiring a planner, contact us today.