Unique Entertainers for Your Next Event in Dallas

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Event planning. A person or a group that is good at this can be the difference between your event being the talk of the town or one that is easily forgotten about. 

Overall, the entertainment industry is worth over $2 trillion across the world. 

If you are looking for unique ways to entertain guests in Dallas for your next event, you have come to the right place. Read on to get ideas on what type of entertainers you should be looking for. 


If you are looking to have some music at your event, one thing that you can do is hire a DJ. Disc jockeys can help get your party started and present a unique vibe for your party. 

You can go from wanting it to be pure background music for your event to music that you want everybody to dance and sing along to. The options here are very flexible with DJs. 

On top of this, it could be a good idea if you want to hire a DJ that will take up minimal space. You can either center them in a small stage area if you want them to be the life of the party or put them in a corner on the side if you want your event to be the focus. 

Live Band 

Another option you have if you want to go the music route for entertainment is to hire a live band. This is a little different than a DJ because they will take up more space and likely cost more money. 

However, what you are getting here is an act that can be the center of your entertainment. It is easier to have a live band interact with your guests compared to a DJ and a live band is more likely to bring in families than a DJ. 

This is because it is something that everybody can enjoy and it is usually played at a reasonable volume so people can talk to each other. If you are willing to commit to a bigger space for live music and want more interaction with your guests, this may be the way to go. 

Fire Performers 

To go in a completely different direction, fire performers can be a terrific addition to your event if you are looking for your guests to have a visual memory. Fire performers are unique because their entertainment is completely visual and it involves tricks that very few people can do. 

It also adds the element of danger to it. When most people think of fire, they think of things burning and it is something that you do not want to get near. 

Professional fire performers face this fear and perform tricks where if one thing goes wrong, they can harm themselves and even harm an audience member. Some take this a step further by taking a member of the audience to their stage and performing fire tricks on them. 

For example, if you have an outdoor fire show and you were about to smoke a cigarette, a fire performer may ask you to come to the stage so that they can light your cigarette by spinning a fire. 


Are you the type of event that wants people to see through illusions? Do you want to get them to think? 

If so, perhaps you should consider hiring a magician for your next event. A magician can go in a different direction than the acts above because it is something that commands your attention. If you want to have entertainment that people can’t take their eyes off of, this could be the way for you to go. 

There can be infamous tricks such as sawing somebody in half, making someone disappear, having a rabbit come to life, playing card tricks, and more. For some memorable entertainment and get people talking about their performance, this can be the way to go. 


Keeping the direction of stage entertainment, something else that you can look into is hiring jugglers. This can also be an act that gets people talking because it is a very unique skill compared to some of the acts above. 

Let’s face it, it is not every day that people see others juggling items in public. Imagine seeing someone that is one of the best in the world doing it in front of your own eyes. 

This can be good for a simpler performance that can get people amazed at the performer’s skills. 

Holiday Pictures

Finally, if you want a more interactive experience for entertainment, you should think about hiring someone to take holiday pictures with guests. 

For example, if you are having a Christmas-themed event that is catered towards families, you can offer your guests a chance to take a picture with Santa Claus. This has been a tradition that has gone back nearly 80 years in the United States, so it can be an old but good form of entertainment. 

If you hire the right actor for this type of role, it can create lifelong memories and a level of personal connection that other acts simply cannot do. 

Find Entertainment for Your Next Event 

These are just some of the entertainment options that you have for your next event. Whether you want someone to play music, perform on a stage, or even take pictures with your family, you cannot go wrong with any of the above choices. 

All you have to do is figure out which one fits your event best. 

Do you need a performer to entertain guests? Message us today to get started.